The World of Greyhawk is the first fantasy setting created for Dungeons & Dragons. Designed by Gary Gygax himself, Greyhawk is rich in history, magic, and intrigue. In the Greyhawk setting, game play takes place on the continent known as the Flanaess on the world of Oerth. At the center of the Flanaess lies the Free City of Greyhawk, surrounded by fragmented nations, shards of former empires, barbaric wildernesses, teaming jungles, and blasted wastelands.

Greyhawk has a long history that includes many of the most famous names in fantasy role-playing, like Vecna, Iuz, Lolth, the Scarlet Brotherhood, and St. Cuthbert.Ever wonder who Bigby, Tenser, Mordenkainen, Rary, Leomund, Melf, Nystul, and Otiluke were? They lived in Greyhawk. Greyhawk all the way, baby!


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